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Mix Media Animator and Art Educator

I'm Adriana Copete, an experienced Lead animator and Art Educator with an MFA in Experimental Animation and Integrated Media from the California Institute of the Arts. My passion lies in intertwining digital media with traditional hand-drawn techniques, stop motion, and live performances to create visually evoking artwork.

My creative process is driven by memory, oral narratives, and animated documentaries. I have worked with interdisciplinary teams on collaborative narrative films and documentaries, bringing my expertise in animation to various collective international projects.

I have also expanded my artistic reach beyond the screen, designing art direction for philharmonic tour performances, creating live dome video dance performances at the Vortex Dome in Los Angeles, and developing video installations for the Independence Museum of Colombia. I have had the opportunity to work on all sorts of projects including a 360 VR animation for the 200th anniversary of Javeriana University and an experimental Virtual reality project for the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. As an arts integration consultant and animation/drawing educator, I have designed curriculums for high school and creative youth development centers, as well as conducted workshops at universities. I am dedicated to sharing my passion for animation and art with others, and helping students explore their creative potential.

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My areas of expertise are


Combine 2d animation, stop motion and direct techniques with emerging technologies.

Art Direction

Concept design from style frames to color scripts, character and background design.


Online and in person classes for life drawing, digital animation and concept design.


A window into my professional experience

Art Statement.

Mix Media Animator and Art Educator

At the core of my artistic practice lies a deep passion for art education and the intersection between drawing, film and process. Through my work, I seek to explore the unique relationship between animation methods and film concepts, with a focus on creating multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary narratives that engage and involve the audience.

My creative process is driven by memory and vulnerability, while also being guided by a powerful desire for survival - both of the individuals depicted in my films and of the creative process itself. I am constantly searching for new ways to transform the production process into an integral part of the final piece. leaving traces of the process, seeking to engage the spectator in the filmmaking act and create a truly collaborative experience.

I am interested in exploring a constant dialogue between the different elements of drawing and its transpolation to the screen , the mise-en-scene , the music and animation - to create narratives that blur the boundaries between mediums, collaborators, and spectators. I am also deeply invested in the use of emerging technology with traditional drawing techniques, pushing the limits of traditional film roles and breaking down the unidirectional relationship between viewer and the viewed.


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